The ARTSSummer Camp 2019
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                  The ARTS Summer Camp 2019
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Monica Love "The Book of 7"
                  The ARTS Summer Camp 2016
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   the ARTS Camp 2019

      Public Speaking is introduced to these young talented people. We've had the pleasure to have Senator Ed Harbison, Dr. JA Hud, Dr. Michael Forte, Pastor Baron Kaliff, Rev. Henry Clark, Councilman John House, Councilwoman Evelyn "Mimi" Woodson and Former Representative, and businessman Jed Harris to come and speak to the young people from a spiritual, business, educational, and political views. the young people asked many questions, and there's discussion afterwards.

Sponsor by
Unique Euphony Publishing 
​                              Stop the Violence
            to the fight against Violence....
                   "No More Bullies!"

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​            Clowns No More Bullying Around Tour
                          Heritage Arts Festival      

                 Hip Hop Christmas Production

                     Children Book Publishing

                   Children Playwright & Poetry

           Black History All Year Round Bus Tours

                       Tutoring and Mentoring
                         Call (706) 577-3197           

​                  Monthly $15.00 fee 
                  The ARTS Summer Camp 2020
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            NO MORE BULLIES
                        by Barbara "Muffin" Pierce

"No More Bullies" is a series of bullying books to come.  This book is intended to educate your child about the problems of bullying, and how to try and avoid being bullied. Illustrations by Luz Pagan. 
 proceeds to fund the Summer ARTS Camp 2020